Web Archiving Rio 2016: The Story So Far

By Helena Byrne, Assistant Web Archivist, The British Library

The IIPC Content Development Group (CDG) has been busy archiving the trials and tribulations of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Olympics might be over but in just a few days the Paralympics will begin and fans will be glued to their screens again.

This project is collecting public platforms such as websites, articles, news reports, blogs and social media about Rio 2016. You can follow updates on this project on Twitter by using the collection hashtag #Rio2016WA. The CDG group has been more active on Twitter and recently hosted a Twitter chat on 10th August 2016 to give an insight on what’s involved in web archiving the Olympics. The chat was based on set questions published in an IIPC blog post with a Q&A session and some time for live nominations. This was an international chat; even though it was small it helped us to make connections with a wider audience. The chat was added to Storify as well as the final archived collection of the Games.

So far the Rio 2016 Collection has over 4,000 nominations from IIPC members and the general public. The nominations up to now are from seventy six countries across the world. However as you can see from the Google Map there are still many countries that have not been covered. Can you help fill the void?

The majority of the public nominations cover Ireland, the Pacific Islands & South Korea and are in a range of languages such as English, Korean, Dutch, Georgian & French to name but a few. Some countries on the map have only one site nominated while others have many, even if you see that there are nominations from your country the web pages you are looking at might not be in the collection. There is still time for you to get involved in web archiving the Olympics and Paralympics. The public nomination form will be open till 21st September 2016. If you would like to make a nomination you can follow these guidelines. This is your chance to be part of the Games!

2016 Rio Games Collection – How to Get Involved!

By Helena Byrne, Assistant Web Archivist, The British Library

The International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) would like your help to archive websites from around the world related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The IIPC has members in 33 countries but there are over 200 countries competing in the games and we need your help ensure that these countries are represented in the collection.

IIPC World Map

What we want to collect:

Public platforms in various formats such as:

  • Websites
  • Articles
  • News Reports
  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The subjects covered on these sites can vary from:

  • Sports Events
  • Athletes/Teams
  • Doping/Cheating and Corruption
  • Olympic/Paralympic Venues
  • Gender
  • Fandom
  • Environmental Issues
  • Zika Virus
  • General News/ Commentary
  • Computer Games (eGames)
  • Other

How to get involved:

Once you have selected the web pages you would like to see in the collection it only takes less than 5 minutes to fill in the submission form.



The History of the IIPC, through Web Archives

By Nicholas Taylor, Web Archiving Service Manager, Stanford University

Web archives have now been around long enough that the web content they’ve preserved may never have been previously experienced by full-grown adults today; to this cohort, some websites were only ever “historical.” Web archives represent an increasingly vital and singular body of cultural heritage and a tool for understanding both the past and social phenomena. They’re also a handy tool for understanding the evolution of the IIPC itself.


home page of the IIPC website, 16 March 2015

While I trust that our own programmatic record-keeping would be sufficient to reconstruct some of the following findings, they would also be thankfully self-evident to a future historian (one unusually interested in the history of the history of the Web) from the web archives themselves. Consulting the UK Web Archive front-end for the IIPC-funded, LANL-developed and -hosted Memento Aggregator shows that Internet Archive has the greatest number of snapshots of the entire history of the IIPC’s web presence.

Here’s some of what I learned, exploring the timeline:


home page of IIPC website, 3 june 2004

I imagine that these latter three points especially will be interesting to consider in the context of our forthcoming discussions for a new membership agreement to replace the one expiring this year (PDF) and to inform refined IIPC mission and goals. Here’s hoping that the most exciting history of the history of the Web is still ahead of us!