IIPC – Meet the Officers, 2023


The IIPC is governed by the Steering Committee, formed of representatives from fifteen Member Institutions who are each elected for three year terms. The Steering Committee designates the Chair, Vice-Chair and the Treasurer of the Consortium. Together with the Senior Program Officer, based at the Council on Library & Information Resources (CLIR), the Officers make up the Executive Board and are responsible for dealing with the day-to-day business of running the IIPC. 

The Steering Committee has designated Youssef Eldakar of Bibliotheca Alexandrina to serve as Chair, and Jeffrey van der Hoeven of KB, National Library of the Netherlands to serve as Vice-Chair in 2023. Ian Cooke of the British Library will continue to serve as the IIPC Treasurer. Olga Holownia continues as Senior Programme Officer, Kelsey Socha-Bishop as Administrative Officer and CLIR remains the Consortium’s financial and administrative host.

The Members and the Steering Committee would like to thank Kristinn Sigurðsson of the National and University of Iceland and Abbie Grotke of the Library of Congress for leading the IIPC in 2021 and 2022.


Youssef-EldakarYoussef Eldakar is Head of the International School of Information Science, a department of Information and Communication Technology at Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) in Egypt. Youssef entered the domain of web archiving as a software engineer in 2002, working with Brewster Kahle to deploy the reborn Library of Alexandria’s first web archiving computer cluster, a mirror of the Internet Archive’s collection at the time. In the years that followed, he went on to lead BA’s work in web archiving and has represented BA in the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) since 2011. Also at BA, he contributed to book digitization during the initial phase of the effort. In 2013, he was additionally assigned to take lead of the BA supercomputing service, providing a platform for High-Performance Computing (HPC) to researchers in diverse domains of science in Egypt, as well as regionally through European collaboration. At his present post, Youssef works to provide support to research through the technologies of parallel computing, big data, natural language processing, and visualization.

In the IIPC, Youssef has been lead to Project LinkGate, started in 2020, for scalable temporal graph visualization, and he has more recently been working as part of a collaboration involving the Research Working Group and the Content Development Working Group to republish IIPC collections through alternative interfaces for researcher access. He has been a member of the Steering Committee since 2018 and has served as the lead of the Tools Development Portfolio.


Jeffrey-van-der-HoevenJeffrey van der Hoeven is head of the Digital Preservation department at the National Library of the Netherlands (KB). In this role he is responsible for defining the policies, strategies and organisational implementation of digital preservation at the library, with the goal to keep the digital collections accessible to current users and generations to come. Jeffrey is also director at the Open Preservation Foundation and steering committee member at the IIPC. In previous roles, he has been involved in various national and international preservation projects such as the European projects PLANETS, KEEP, PARSE.insight and APARSEN.



Ian Cooke leads the Contemporary British Publications team at the British Library, which is responsible for curation of 21st century publications from the UK and Ireland. This includes the curatorial team for the UK Web Archive, as well as digital maps, emerging formats and print and digital publications ranging from small press and artists books to the latest literary blockbusters. Ian joined the British Library’s Social Sciences team in 2007, having previously worked in academic and research libraries, taking up his current role in 2015. 

Ian has been a member of the IIPC Steering Committee and has worked on strategy development for the IIPC. The British Library was the host for the Programmes and Communications role up to April 2021.  

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