PYWB 2.6

By Ilya Kreymer,

After several betas and months of development, I’m excited to announce the release of pywb 2.6!

This release, supported in large part by the IIPC (International Internet Preservation Consortium), includes several new features and documentation as well as many replay fidelity improvements and optimizations.

The main new features of the release include improvements to the access control system and localization/multi-language support. The access control system has been expanded with a flexible date-range based embargo, allowing for automated exlcusions of newer or old content. The release also includes the ability to configure pywb for different user access levels, when running pywb behind an Nginx or Apache server. For more details on these features, see the Access Control Guide and Deployment Guide.

With this release, pywb also includes support for running in different languages and configuring the main UI to support switching between different languages. All text used is automatically populated into CSV files and imported back. For more details, see the Localization / Multi-Language Guide section of the documentation.

A complete list of changes is also available in the pywb Changelist on GitHub.

This work is a follow-up to the first package of work supported by the IIPC, which resulted in the creation of a transition guide for users of OpenWayback. Webrecorder wishes to thank the IIPC for their support of pywb development.

The next release of pywb, corresponding to the final batch of work sponsored by IIPC in this round, will include several improvements to the pywb user-interface and navigation.

For more discussion on this work, Webrecorder will be participating in an IIPC-hosted webinar on Tuesday, August 31st, 2021.

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