Call to Serve on the IIPC Steering Committee

IIPC is actively seeking member organisations interested in serving on the IIPC Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is the executive body of the IIPC and allows 15 member organisations to take a leadership role in the high-level strategic planning, development and management of programs, policy creation, overall administration, and contribution to IIPC Portfolios and other activities. The current leadership group is documented at:

This year, five seats on the Steering Committee will become vacant. We strongly encourage any IIPC member interested in serving on the Steering Committee to nominate themselves for election.

Who can run for election?

Serving on the Steering Committee is open to any current IIPC member. There are no core or founding members that own their seat on the SC. The institutions that are hosting the ‘Officers’ (Programme Officer, Communications Officer and Treasurer) are members of the Steering Committee as long as they host those roles.

What is at stake?

Serving on the Steering Committee is a chance for motivated members to help guide the IIPC’s mission of improving the tools, standards and best practices of web archiving while promoting international collaboration and the broad access and use of web archives for research and cultural heritage. Steering Committee members are expected to take an active role in leadership, contribute to SC and/or Portfolio activities, and help guide and administer the organisation.

Steering committee members are elected for 3 years and meet twice a year in person, once during the General Assembly, once in September and two or more additional times by teleconference.

How to run for election?

All nominees, both new nominees and existing members whose term is expiring but are interested in continuing to serve, are asked to write a short statement (max 200 words) outlining their vision for how they would contribute to IIPC via serving on the Steering Committee. Statements can point to past contributions to the IIPC or the SC, relevant experience or expertise, new ideas for advancing the organisation, or any other relevant information.

All statements will be posted online and emailed to members prior to the election with ample time for review by all membership.

What happens next?

  • 1 December to 20 March: Members are invited to nominate themselves by sending an email to the IIPC Programme and Communications Officer.
  • 3 April to 7 April: Nominees statements are published on the Netpreserve Blog and Members mailing list. Nominees are encouraged to campaign through their own networks.
  • 10 April to 10 MayMembers are invited to vote online. An online voting tool will be used to conduct the vote. The PCO will monitor the vote, ensuring that each organisation votes only once for all nominated seats and that the vote is cast by the organisation’s official representative. People will be encouraged to cast their vote before, during, and after the GA.
  • 10 May: Voting ends.
  • 15 May: The results of the vote are announced officially on the Netpreserve blog and Members mailing list.
  • 1 June: end/start of SC members terms. The newly elected SC members start their term on the 1st of June and are invited to attend a first meeting (by teleconference) by the end of June. The next face to face SC meeting will take place in Ottawa in September 2017.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the IIPC PCO.