IIPC Chair Address

Dear colleagues,

As I’m starting my term as Chair of the IIPC for 2016-2017, I’d like to share a few thoughts on what is ahead of us for this year. 2016 is the year of a new start, with a new Consortium Agreement signed for 5 years and the new organisation based on three portfolios: Partnership and Outreach, Tools Development and Membership Engagement. Time has come to build on these solid foundations, laid thanks to the great leadership and vision that Paul Wagner, my predecessor in the Chair position, has provided to our Consortium during the past 18 months.

The tasks undertaken since the General Assembly in Reykjavik have already demonstrated the efficiency of this new work structure. We have taken on board your feedback from the breakout sessions. The Membership Engagement Portfolio Lead Birgit Nordsmark Henriksen, along with our Programme and Communication Officer, is now committed to make information about Members activities in the field of web archiving better available on a renewed website. The Tools Development Portfolio Lead, Tom Cramer, has outlined a list of suggested actions and is planning an open call in order to identify potential projects that may be started this year with the IIPC’s support. Finally, the Partnership and Outreach Portfolio Lead, Hansueli Locher, is gathering ideas on how to engage new members in the web archiving community but also new partners in other domains such as academic research, technology and web development.

In June, during their next phone meeting, your Steering Committee will endorse a one year strategic plan describing the main areas of activities that we want to work on and the actions that we plan to achieve until mid-2017. We are targeting concrete, short-term actions with deliverables that will demonstrate our commitment to move forward and make the IIPC an organisation that is relevant to its Members and to the web archiving community at large.

One of the key actions is the organisation of the 2017 General Assembly and Web Archiving Conference. It will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 27-31 March 2017. I would like to thank Daniel Gomes from FCCN (Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional) for accepting to take the lead on the organisation of this event, with the help of the Conference Programme Committee chaired by Nicholas Taylor (Stanford University Libraries). We expect the General Assembly to be an opportunity for fruitful exchanges and discussions and an input to the following year’s strategic plan. Regarding the Web Archiving Conference, building on this year’s success, we aim at making it an open time to share the latest updates in the field, with a strong contribution from the researcher community.

In the meantime, exciting work is going on within the very active IIPC working groups, in particular the Preservation Working Group (PWG) chaired by Gina Jones (Library of Congress) and Tobias Steinke (German National Library) and the Content Development Working Group (CDG) led by Abbie Grotke (Library of Congress) and Alex Thurman (Columbia University Libraries). Both PWG and CDG are building on the impetus of the GA workshops in their forthcoming projects. The PWG are working on the Compatibility Initiative while the CDG are focusing on the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Collections as well as the planned online News Around the World project (CDG). Stay tuned for more updates.

Finally, I want to thank our new Officers, Olga Holownia our Programme and Communication Officer and Marie Chouleur our Treasurer, for a very efficient start in their new duties this year. The day to day activities of our Consortium rely heavily on their work and I know they are very committed to provide us with a reliable work environment.

I’m looking forward to the great work we’ll carry out this year together, building on the great skills and impressive experience that this Consortium has been able to pull together. Please feel free to contact me or the Steering Committee and Officers if you want to get involved and learn more about what’s going on.

Emmanuelle Bermès
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Chair of the International Internet Preservation Consortium

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