Signing Off


Today marks my final day as Chair of our Consortium. It has been an exciting and busy 17 months since I took on this role. I leave my post with a sense of accomplishment and pride in how the organization ‎has evolved.

When I took over the role in January 2015, I made the commitment to work with the Steering Committee to ensure we modernized the governance and management structure of the IIPC to create a foundation that would allow us to grow and extend our reach.  I am happy to say that we have accomplished just that.

As most of you know I am not a career Archivist or Librarian but I have been privileged to work with and learn from professionals within my home organization (Library and Archives Canada) as well as many of you from across the globe. I am pleased to hand over the reins to Emmanuelle Bermès from the National Library of France. She will bring not only deep management and leadership skills to the role, but also (and maybe more importantly) significant experience in the business of the IIPC.  I think this balance of experience and competencies is what we need now.

I had the privilege of being involved in three General Assemblies (GA) and the associated conferences. I was continuously amazed with the level of engagement and interaction between the members. Based on the feedback I have received, this last GA and WAC set the bar – this is in no small part to the leadership of Kristinn Sigurðsson.

As with any organization, the goal is to keep that level of engagement going virtually after the face-to-face meetings have ended. We still have much work to do on that front, but I am pleased that our new portfolio structure ensures that there will be dedicated resources and leadership for Birgit Nordsmark Henriksen ( and the Membership and Engagement Portfolio.  Stay tuned for some steps to facilitate that year-long engagement.

The ecosystem that our respective organizations work in, and the one that the IIPC is trying to foster, is  very complex  and continues to include new players. Working alongside of other organizations and associations will be key in delivering our mandate. Again we have ensured that we leverage ‎partnerships with complimentary organizations. Listen out for more from Hansueli Locher (Swiss National Library) and the group supporting the Partnership and Outreach Portfolio.

‎One of the areas that we heard loud and clear was that our members wanted help with tools. At some point I am sure that there will be more and more commercially available solutions for Web harvesting and archiving, but for now it is up to us as a community to rally together to build the tools to support our work led by Tom Cramer (Stanford University Libraries) and the Tools Development Portfolio.

I can say that one of the best ways to support our organization is to get involved. Whether you decide to apply for a position on the Steering Committee, or if you support one of the portfolios, or if you simply ‘lean in’ on some of the discussions that circulate via email –  the goal is the same: get involved!

‎I want to thank my colleagues on the Steering Committee for supporting me  (and putting up with me) over the past year and a half. As IIPC members, you can be confident that you have a steering committee which has your best interest at heart. Many excellent and passionate discussions have brought us to where we are today.

I also want to thank the Program and Communications team. In particular, I want to thank Jason Webber from the British Library. He and I worked closely together and spoke almost weekly in an effort to move the agenda forward. Jason (and now Olga) are the glue between the various activities of the Steering Committee and it is often a thankless job.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you – from the emails I received to the one-on-one discussions you have made sure that we heard your needs and expectations.

As they say, the best is yet to come…. so let’s step forward together.


Paul N. Wagner
Chair, International Internet Preservation Consortium