We want YOUR ideas for the IIPC General Assembly 2016

NatLibIcelandYou will be pleased to hear that preparations for the IIPC General Assembly 2016 in Reykjavik, Iceland (11-15 April) are under way and we are aiming to make it the best one yet.

The program team have been hard at work looking at potential themes, topics and areas for discussion and debate. We would, however, love to have your input into this too!

So far, we’ve outlined the following areas:

  • Nuts and bolts of web archiving (management, metrics, organisation, programs)
  • De-duplication 
  • Researcher use cases (of web archives)
  • Big Data usage and potential
  • Web Archiving policies and frameworks / Preservation policies, Collection policies 
  • API’s
  • Web Archiving Tool development 
  • Legal deposit, copyright, data protection (EU wide perspective?)

help_wantedWhat have we missed, what should we focus on, what would YOU like to see and hear about?

Please use the comments below and tell us what you would like from the conference? This will help frame the call for papers due to go out at the end of October.

Thank you.

Jason Webber, IIPC Program and Communications Officer

2 thoughts on “We want YOUR ideas for the IIPC General Assembly 2016

  1. Is there space for a thread along the lines of the very helpful “So You Want to Get Started in Web Archiving?” post? This topic might include discussion among newer web archive staff, about approaches to training, perhaps also looking at sustainability of skills within and across web archives.


  2. Would there be room in the schedule for any technical training workshops somewhat similar to what was held in London in January 2015 (but to a smaller extent). Something in particular that comes to mind is an upgrading your OpenWayback and configuring it to use CDXServer workshop.


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