Open letter by IIPC Chair

Greetings IIPC Memebers,

I hope that your summer is going very well and that you are all able to take some time off to recharge and spend time with family and friends.  It is hard to believe that more than 3 months have passed since many of us were together at Standford University in Palo Alto for our 2015 General Assembly (GA)!

I want to take this opportunity to  once again say how impressed I was at the quality of the event.  Everything from the organization of the entire event to the excellent interactions that our members engaged in brought significant value to the week.

I want to focus in on the Member’s Day that we had at the Internet Archive offices.  At one point in the day, you were asked to break off into groups to discuss some of the important issues and challenges facing the IIPC in the near future.  The Steering Committee met on the Saturday following the GA to discuss how we can better serve you – our members – and to ensure that we focus our limited resources what brings the greatest value to the global Web Archiving community.  I want to assure you that YOUR feedback was taken very seriously and thanks to the leadership of Birgit Nordsmark Henriksen ( and Barbara Sierman (National Library of the Netherlands) the Steering Committee was able to distill your comments and input into 4 manageable work packages:

  1. Researcher Involvement
  2. Tools
  3. Connectedness
  4. Practicalities

Work on each of these elements has begun (thanks to dedicated teams looking at each individual area) and each group is coming prepared to our upcoming in-person Steering Committee meeting in September.  I will update you right after that meeting to let you know what you can expect from the IIPC in the coming year(s).

What I can tell you is that you can count on the IIPC continuing on being a robust and vibrant community and that your contributions will become even more important as we move forward.  Your Steering Committee remains commited to ensuring the value of Your membership to the Consortium.

I welcome any comments or questions at

Stay tuned for more updates in September.

PaulWagnerPaul N. Wagner, Chair, IIPC

Directeur général principal et DPI, Direction générale d’innovation et du Dirigeant principal de l’information – Senior Director General & CIO, Innovation and Chief Information Officer Branch

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada / Gouvernement du Canada – Library and Archives Canada / Government of Canada

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