Facing the Challenge of Web Archives Preservation Collaboratively

Web archiving is often about collecting the web, but that is only half the story. Once collected you have to make sure to preserve it.D-Lib-blocks This is what the Preservation Working Group of the IIPC is focused on. D-Lib magazine has recently published an article called Facing the Challenge of Web Archives Preservation Collaboratively: The Role and Work of the IIPC Preservation Working Group.


The article was written by the group members: Andrea Goethals (Harvard Library), Clément Oury (International ISSN Centre), David Pearson (National Library of Australia), Barbara Sierman (KB National Library of the Netherlands) and Tobias Steinke (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek – German National Library).

The article sets out the goals, activities and results of the Preservation Working Group, describing the findings of a survey that was done amongst the members of the IIPC in 2013 about their approaches to preserving the web. The authors also feature a set of databases maintained by the group with crucial information for web archiving: namely the Environments Database and the Risks Database.

Barbara Sierman, x-post from the KB (Dutch National Library) blog

2 thoughts on “Facing the Challenge of Web Archives Preservation Collaboratively

  1. The link leads to a page that ominously states “It is an offence under the Computer Misuse Act(1990) to continue without a valid user id and password”, then following up with words like


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